Uninstall Roles and Features

You can also use the Server Manager console and Windows PowerShell cmdlets in Windows Server 2012 for uninstalling roles and features to local or remote servers, or offline virtual hard disks (VHDs).
For Role installation see my previous post Installing Roles and Features

Using the “Remove Roles and Features Wizard” to Uninstall Roles and Features

  1. Open Server Manager.
  2. On the Manage menu, click Remove Roles and Features.Remove_Roles_1
  3. On the Before you begin page, click Next. (You can verify that your destination server and network environment are prepared for removing the role and feature).Remove_Roles_2
  4. On the Select destination server page, select a server from the server pool or select an offline VHD. Click Next.Remove_Roles_3
  5. On Remove server roles page, uncheck role services for the role if applicable, then click Next.Remove_Roles_4
    The Remove Roles and Features Wizard will automatically prompt you to remove any roles, role services, or features that cannot run without the roles or features that you are removing.


  6. On Remove features page, uncheck features if applicable, click Next.Remove_Roles_6
  7. On the Confirm removal selections page, review your role, feature, and server selections. If you are ready to remove the roles or features, click Remove.Remove_Roles_7
  8. After you click Remove, the Removal progress page displays removal progress, results, and messages such as warnings, failures, or post-removal configuration steps that are required, such as restarting the destination server.Remove_Roles_8

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