Windows Dev Center analytics data with Power BI

Last month I found this blog “Visualize your Windows Dev Center analytics data with Power BI” if you read it you will notice it says that to get started using the content pack, simply provide an application ID for an app you own, and then sign in as an Azure Active Directory user for the directory associated with your Dev Center account. Well this information was a nightmare, it didn’t matter what I did, I just couldn’t connect the Power BI to my Dev Center, and the comments there were not much help.

After some research, I finally manage to connect my account and I definitely have to write about it as it might help others in the future.

The first thing you have to do is to associate your Dev Center account with an Azure Active Directory Account, (or your Office 365 account). This account MUST have Global Administrator permissions to set up the association.

Sing in to your Dev Center Account, go to Account Settings and click on Manage Users.


There sign in with your Azure AD account.


Review the organization and domain name for your Azure AD account. To complete the association, click Confirm.

If the association was successful you are ready to use Power BI to visualize your Dev Center analytics.

First access Power BI (online version) and sign in with your Azure AD account (the same account you associated to your Dev center). Once there select Get Data. The Get Data page will open.


In the Get Data windows, on Services click the Get button. A new windows with the Services content pack for power BI will pop-up.


In the Services, scroll down and select Windows Dev Center. The Windows Dev Center page will open.


In this page click Get. Another windows to connect to the Windows Dev Center will pop-up.


In this Windows you have to write the application ID. The application ID is the store ID, you will find it in your Windows Dev Center Account, just select the application you want to visualize with Power BI, click on App management and then click App identity. Copy the Application ID and click Next.


On the Next page, you have to select oAuth2 as the Authentication method and click Next. An Office 365 login windows will open.


There write your account (the same you associated with your Dev Center) and password, then click Sign in.


And voila! You now can see your Dev Center Analytics with Power BI


Hope you enjoy it!


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