Button and LED circuit with the Pi

In the previous post we sent data out the GPIO ports to turn ON/OFF a single LED. In this post we are going to read data from the GPIO (with a push button) and write (send) data out the GPIO (turning ON/OFF the same LED). However before we start let us review a few concepts we need.Read More »


Windows Dev Center analytics data with Power BI

Last month I found this blog “Visualize your Windows Dev Center analytics data with Power BI” if you read it you will notice it says that to get started using the content pack, simply provide an application ID for an app you own, and then sign in as an Azure Active Directory user for the directory associated with your Dev Center account. Well this information was a nightmare, it didn’t matter what I did, I just couldn’t connect the Power BI to my Dev Center, and the comments there were not much help.Read More »

Accessing GPIO ports with C#

In my previous post, I made the initial configuration of my new Raspberry Pi 3. Now, I want to try a simple project to understand better how to interact with GPIO (General Purpose Input-Output) pins of the Pi. However, I am not proficient in many programming languages but C#, so I will be coding in C# to interact with the Pi, also I will be using a windows PC and Visual Studio to compile the programs. So in this post I will be doing all the setup needed to access the GPIO ports of the Raspberry Pi with C#.Read More »

My First Raspberry Pi

A few days ago I purchased the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, and though “why don’t I write about it?”

As many of you already know, Raspberry Pi is a mini computer (motherboard), on it you can run lightweight versions of Linux or even windows 10 IoT. Obviously it is less powerful than your standard laptop, but considering its size, it works great.Read More »